Gozappi: Enabling Local Businesses To Grow Their Business Through Marketing Automation

Quickly And Easily Create Your Sales Funnel
That Captures And Converts 
Visitors Into Customers.
Without Having To Hire Expensive Consultants Or Needing To Invest Time Learning Tech Skills 
Gozappi Is A Sales Funnel Builder For Local Businesses
Gozappi was created especially for business owners who aren't programmers and who don't have the time to learn even the essential skills of online marketing, can easily build beautiful e-commerce stores inside the Gozappi sales funnel builder, to grow their business online! 
The EASIEST Way For SMEs  To Build Their Sales Funnel Is To Leverage Existing Tools And Services 
SO many SMEs fail every year despite having an expensive website.  Websites that DON’T generate leads is almost like having sales staff that are not generating sales . Why would you keep them?
You don’t! And neither should you continue to invest in your website.

You Need An E-commerce Store With A Built-in Sales Funnel
One that will convert visitors to paying customers automatically.
Your Entire E-Commerce Store And Sales Funnel Built In As Little As 60 Minutes
Gozappi collates all the different tools from various providers and puts it all in the one platform. 
It does everything so much easier and only for a fraction of the cost!

Yes, the Gozappi platform was created so that local business owners like you..
  •  ...who are not developers or marketers
  •  ...who don't know how to design
  •  …who don’t have spare time or money to waste
..CAN easily create awesome offers inside of a sales funnel and easily convert prospects to customers on autopilot. 
More Importantly You Won't Need To Pay 
For These Services Any Longer. 
That means you save money on...
  • Landing Page Software
  •  Shopping Cart 
  •  Email Autoresponders 
  •  Plugins 
  •  Affiliate Software 
  • ​ Photoshop  
  • ​ Wordpress 
  •  Your Website Hosting 
  •  Programmers 
  •  Designers 
  •  Web Masters 
  •  ...and so much more! 
Gozappi Gives You The Tools And Strategies You Need To Grow Your Business.
Regardless where you are at in your business. 

Create Instant Online Presence - FREE

Start Ups
Setup your online store
Within minutes you can have your very own beautiful e-commerce store and a built-in high converting sales funnel that you can start sending your prospective customers to. You don't even need to pay for a Domain Name or Hosting.

Built-In Upsell Bundling
You can increase the average spend for each of your customers by creating Upsell Bundles which will be presented to your customers after purchasing the original offer. 

Get New Customers

Established Businesses
Get Massive Exposure
Create and publish your offer to your own store or publish it to our marketplace to get more exposure for FREE.  

We charge only 10% on the sales made through our system. This is needed improve our system and providing post sales service to all users. No sales no cost to you. 

Build your list instantly
Users who have added your offers to their 'Wishlist' or is 'Following' your store will be automatically added to a segment within your contacts giving you full visibility and control.

Sell More To Existing Customers

Mature Business
Segment your contacts
You can categories your contacts into unlimited number of groups and lists so that you can easily personalise and nurture better relationships with each segments independently. 

Create and schedule email follow-ups
You can easily create emails using a built-in drag n drop email builder and select specific segments to send email to.

Schedule autoresponders
You can schedule emails to be sent to your existing customers based on their online behaviour ie the offers they've wishlisted or bought etc. As well as send automate emails based on their special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Need To Know MORE About What Gozappi Can Do For You?
Check out the range of services we offer below.

FREE Facebook Ad With Free Trial On Any Plan

Build Your Entire Online Store And Sales Funnel

30 Day Double Your Sales Challenge

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your contracts?

There are NO long term contracts or commitments. You can use Gozappi month to month, and downgrade to our FREE for life account or cancel at any time you'd like!

Do I have to install anything?

No! Once you have signed up, just login and start watching the easy to follow step by step guide on every page.

Is my site and funnel secure?

Yes! Security is our top priority and consequently we have implemented the following to ensure security for all our users: SSL(HTTPS) implemented, Token based authorization for form submission, Strong password encryption, SQL injection, validate on form fields both sides
and public directory restrictions.

Can you handle the load?

Yes! Gozappi is hosted on the largest public cloud cluster in the world (powered by Amazon). Our ability to scale in real time is unlimited. You may have 100 or 100,000+ visitors, it won't slow down or break!

Who owns the data / content / subscribers?

Any content you create and upload is 100% owned by you.  You have complete access to your data and can download CSV files for all your data including your contacts. Gozappi from time to time may send correspondences to your users who have given us permission.  

If I cancel my Gozappi account, will I lose my data?

When you cancel your account, your data will become inaccessible, but you can however download CSV files of your contacts, sales stats and other data before cancelling or "downgrade" your account to our FREE for life plan and still have your e-commerce store and publish offers to the Gozappi Marketplace. 

If I have questions, what should I do?

Just click on the 'Help' icon at the top of the page and submit your question. We first class support team will answer your questions within 24 hours.

Once I signed up, what support do I have?

There are step by step training videos to help you get your e-commerce store started, offers published and automate nurture emails all set up. Within our Video Training portal you can learn new tools and strategies to help you plan and execute an evergreen high converting sales funnel. 
Still Not Sure How Gozappi Can Help You Grow Your Business?
Tell us what type of business you own, and we'll show you step by step how you can start using Gozappi to generate additional income to your business.
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