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Get Paid Life Time Commission Trailers 
For Simply Coaching Your Small Business Clients 
For every business you refer, we'll build their online store, promote their offers, and run competitions to grow their leads.
And we'll pay you a life-time commission for every business you have successfully referred. 
Lee Lim
Gozappi Founder 
Coach | Mentor | Author

Awards and recognition:
National Winner Small Business Champion Entrepreneur award
State Winner Small Business Champion Entrepreneur award
Telstra Young Business Women Award
Salisburys Living Legend Award
Author: Small Pebble Big Ripple
From: Lee Lim

So, you're interested in earning some extra income, am I right?
Of-course I am, who wouldn't be!

Sometimes opportunity knocks. Sometimes it pounds on the door. And sometimes you have to make the move.

But life is full of regrets: the date you never took to the big dance, the email you never sent or the dream you never followed. 

You all know what I mean. 

If you've missed out on an opportunity in the past, don't make the same mistake today.  
"A bad choice at the crossroads can cost you a fortune." 

Here's your chance to join us on a new, exciting and rewarding venture.  

We will reward you with a generous commission whilst making you proud that you're also truly making the world a little happier.

Here's are some exciting facts about our affiliate program.

Why You Should Become A Highly Value 
Gozappi Affiliate Partner


High Value High Quality Product
Gozappi is a one-of-a-kind complete marketing solution that truly helps 
small business Get more leads and sales
For as low as $49.00 per month we'll build their online store and run paid ads and competition every month at no additional cost to them. 
We charge a 10% and only on the sales made through their online store.
There is absolutely no contract and they can cancel anytime.
Our affordable and flexible plan gives our business clients the scope and flexibility to grow.  

This high value offer makes is one of its kind and therefore is extremely attractive for businesses and makes it easy for your to demonstrate value when referring.

That's great news for our affiliates!
The businesses you sign up will be your customers for life - and we'll always pay you a more-than-fair commission for as long as they are a Gozappi client.

... so the average lifetime value of the businesses you refer will continue to grow 
and so will your earnings increase


Full Product Training And Marketing Tools
Gozappi gives our partners training, tools and support they need to 
easily refer and create their extra income  stream.
Once accepted into our affiliate program, we will give you all the tools and support you'll need to be successful. 

We Want You To Succeed As An Affiliate
We will also invite you to the FREE 4 digit affiliate mastery program where we will teach and support you on how to build your pipeline. 

All this service and support are completely free of charge. 
Please note that this opportunity is FREE to only available for the first 100 affiliates. 


Easy Consistent Automatic Payout
How will you get paid?
We payout commissions DAILY with a 30-day lag time to allow us to account for refunds.
This means that once you're up and running and sending a steady stream of prospects through our signup process, you can literally start receiving commission payments every single day!


Why It Is Important To The First
How will you get paid?
Right now we are only accepting a very limited number of affiliates to help us create awareness.
Once all the spots are filled we will no longer be accepting affiliates. 
Once we have momentum we will put a stop to our affiliate program.  Those who sign up early will continue to receive their commission trailers for life.  

Here's how it works..
  • Sign up for your FREE Gozappi account 
  • ​Once you have signed up submit your application through your Gozappi Account!
  • Start promoting a high value platform that businesses will love and track your earnings in your Gozappi Account.
Register as a user of Gozappi before spots fill up.  
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